Membership Recruitment

The New Jersey Chapter of AFP, one of the largest of 200  chapters worldwide, is an individual member association that advances philanthropy through education, training and advocacy across the state. Member benefits, annual programming, and the continued vitality of the chapter, rely on a strategic initiative to identify, recruit and retain members. The membership committee focuses on articulating and promoting member benefits, and engaging current members in volunteering and mentoring.

Membership Retention

Of particular importance to AFP-NJ is sustaining a strong member base in order to provide the foundation and consistency from which new programs and initiatives can be launched. Communicating member benefits, seeking feedback and input from members, and creating a productive synergy between members and the chapter board as all aspirations for membership retention.

Those interested in making a commitment to serve on the member services committee, or assisting with any of its initiatives, are asked to contact AFP-NJ board vice president for member services, Nicole Hudson,