2020 Excellence in Philanthropy Awards Criteria

2020 Excellence in Philanthropy Awards Celebration

Pines Manor, Edison, New Jersey
Tuesday, June 9, 2020
11:30 am – 2:00 pm
Call for Nominations Deadline is Monday, March 23, 2020.

Join AFP-NJ to honor New Jersey’s finest representatives of the philanthropic community.

Since 1981, AFP-NJ’s Excellence in Philanthropy Awards have recognized the achievements of some of the most notable citizens and organizations in our State who have dedicated their efforts toward making New Jersey a better place to live.

At the 2020 Excellence in Philanthropy Awards Celebration, we will honor an:
  • Outstanding Corporation in New Jersey
  • Outstanding Foundation
  • Outstanding Community Organization
  • Outstanding Philanthropist(s) (for organizations with budgets of $1 million and over and those with budgets of $1 million or less)
  • Outstanding Young Fundraiser
  • Award for Consulting Excellence
  • Outstanding Professional Fundraiser – “The Robert J. Smythe Award”
  • Outstanding Nonprofit Advocate
Make your nomination TODAY! Enjoy the following benefits:
  • Your best chance to provide State-wide recognition for those who have significantly helped your organization.
  • Recognition for your organization when your nominee is selected.
  • Recognition for AFP-NJ as we salute the “best of the best” of New Jersey’s Philanthropic Community.
  • We have streamlined our nominating process so that it is fast and SIMPLE.

Submit Your Nomination [Click Here]

  • Additional support materials may be requested by the review committee at a later date.
  • You can submit a new nomination or re-submit one you have presented to AFP-NJ before.
  • You may nominate candidates in more than one category. However, the selection committee reserves the right to limit the number of honorees from a single organization.
Nominations are due by Monday, March 23, 2020

2020 Excellence in Philanthropy Awards Criteria

Nominator Instructions

When compiling your nomination, please remember that your involvement with the process won’t end with the application. Your organization will be instrumental in ensuring that your nominee is properly acknowledged in the months leading up to our Awards Celebration. AFP-NJ hopes that you will send a core group of supporters to the event and take appropriate recognition pages in the souvenir journal. Nominators will be notified by Wednesday, April 1, 2020 regarding the status of their nominee(s). Nominees must be notified by their nominators within 48 hours. Nominators are responsible for obtaining their nominee’s bio, head shot and coordinating a video shoot with our videographer and the Awards Celebration Chairperson by Friday, May 1, 2020. You will be assigned an AFP-NJ representative who will work with you to make sure the process is seamless.

All funds raised at the awards celebration will go towards the AFP-NJ Chapter and our efforts to generate the resources needed to fund strategic initiatives that will drive ethical and effective fundraising.

Required Documents

  • You MUST have all the application data available so it can be entered through our online form in one step. You cannot begin your application and return to complete it at a later time.
  • Please review the application and gather all supporting information prior to beginning.
  • We require complete contact information on the nominator, any co-nominators and the organization or individual being nominated.
  • A letter of support must come from someone other than the nominator. It should be someone who knows the nominee and can collaborate the nomination.
Outstanding Community Organization Award

This award is presented to a volunteer community group that is dedicated to serving society by assisting non-profits in various capacities or by initiating their program(s) to benefit a local, regional or statewide constituency.

Outstanding Corporation Award

The corporation must demonstrate outstanding commitment to the New Jersey non-profit sector through financial support, community involvement and motivation of others to take leadership roles in philanthropy and to support local initiatives. Corporate foundations are eligible for the award. Previous winners may be re-nominated if it has been at least seven (7) years since they were last recognized.

Outstanding Foundation Award

To qualify, a private foundation must not be affiliated with a corporation and must demonstrate an outstanding commitment to philanthropy and community involvement. Previous winners may be nominated again if it has been at least seven (7) years since they were last recognized.

Outstanding Philanthropist Award

This award is given in two (2) categories based on the fundraising budget size of the nominating organization. The categories are as follows:

  • Philanthropist working with organizations that have fundraising budgets over $1 million.
  • Philanthropist working with organizations that have fundraising budgets of $1 million or less.

Fundraising budgets include support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government sources, but DO NOT include fee-for-service and contract services. Capital and Endowment revenues/donations count as part of the fundraising budget. The nominee should display a quality of leadership and organizational ability in fundraising for non-profit organizations. The recipient must demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of philanthropy as displayed through their participation with non-profit organizations.

Outstanding Young Fundraiser

This award recognizes an outstanding individual or organization that is gaining notability in the field of fundraising. The recipient of this award should demonstrate ingenuity, resourcefulness, creativity and a mastery of philanthropy with less than five years of industry experience.

Award for Consulting Excellence

This award honors an individual consulting professional who demonstrates outstanding skills in working with non-profit organizations.  The nominee must demonstrate exceptional skills consulting with clients; successfully work with volunteers and/or staff; serve multiple non-profit charitable organizations; and have worked a minimum of 5 years as a fundraising consultant either as a sole practitioner or working for a firm.

Outstanding Professional Fundraiser – “The Robert J. Smythe Award”

This award recognizes an individual who brings honor, dedication and distinction to the profession. The recipient should exemplify the professional standards set by AFP. Nominees need to have demonstrated at least 10 years’ experience in fundraising and be currently active in the field.

Outstanding Nonprofit Advocate

This award is presented to a New Jersey legislator, community group or individual who has shown exemplary leadership and support in the advocacy of the nonprofit community. Types of advocacy work honored in this category could include: legislative action, systems change, civic engagement or grass roots advocacy, to name a few.


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